Bring the inside out…

The Algarve lends itself to the simple laid back style of living. The temperate climate means that for more than half the year we can take advantage of alfresco living. We will help you make your outdoor spaces an extension of your interiors by making your gardens, verandas and poolside terraces a stylish place to spend time.

Show your personality

Artwork and the unique objects that we collect in our homes, not only show our artistic side, but gives character to our homes whether it be with poster prints, African masks, paintings or photographs. We can design a theme around your favorite pieces or help you compose a gallery wall which can be fun to create.

Add a splash of colour

Introduce pops of colour to enhance design features and furniture. The luminosity of the Algarve sunshine entering our homes throughout the year, means that light and shadows also play an important part in the use of colour

Travel for inspiration

We continue to travel for inspiration for our designs and collections using colours and textures found in different countries and cultures.

Develop your own style

No matter your style or preferences we will help you bring out the life in your home.

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