“Each place, project and budget is very different and it is important to take that into consideration. Influenced by our extensive travels and our design backgrounds we like to think “outside of the box.” We have come to realise that it’s the once in a lifetime moments that influence our designs showing our experience and a life well lived. Both of us are passionate about sustainability and reducing waste and therefore have a vision to fuse new trends with pre-loved and vintage pieces to complement any modern interior and to offer new ways of transforming interiors whilst reflecting each clients personal style. We have developed the Monsoon room to be a place where we not only design new interiors, but also update and style old furniture.

Sarah Bernabé from Sarah Bernabé Interiors joined forces with Debbie Norford-Jones from Technoloje to pool their wide scope of experience and formed Monsoon Room – Interior Design Studio in the Algarve, as an extension to complement Technoloje, the Smart Home and Cinema Room experts in Portugal and beyond. http://www.Technoloje.com.

Having both had years of travel and international backgrounds of working in private and commercial interior design, Debbie and Sarah have found that more people are appreciating a quality of life that the Algarve can provide in these uncertain times and are looking for places to buy as their dream home or business in the sun. They hope to be able to help their clients through their experience of living and working in Portugal for years. They speak English along with French and Portuguese.


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